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You are not alone!  Behind the filters… Behind social media… Behind closed doors… We are all battling something.  It’s alright to not be alright!


Finally Free is a judgement free environment

for everyone,

where anyone can come
to talk about mental health.

Bailey James has shared openly with her fan base of 250K + followers her struggles with her own mental health. Several years ago, Bailey's brother Zane took his own life amidst his mental health struggles.  The trauma of losing her only brother and having to learn to heal along with her family is an ongoing personal mission for Bailey. 


Bailey wants to support others, especially youth and younger adults.  In talking with her fans they often inquire about "how to seek help" and Bailey is launching this podcast to bring professionals, resources and other help for anyone in need of mental health support. 


This unique show isn't just about coping, it is about becoming 'FINALLY FREE' and offering solutions that will help others find a way to seek help and support in finding a path to recovery,  


Each podcast episode, Bailey interviews people living and coping with mental health related issues, professionals who will offer tangible advice and direction to her. listening audience and Bailey herself will be sharing how she stays in a positive mindset coping with mental health. 

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